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[kair-fuh l]
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  1. cautious in one's actions: Be careful when you cross the street.
  2. taking pains in one's work; exact; thorough: a careful typist.
  3. (of things) done or performed with accuracy or caution: careful research.
  4. solicitously mindful (usually followed by of, about, or in): careful of the rights of others; careful about one's behavior; careful in speech.
  5. Archaic.
    1. full of anxiety or care; troubled.
    2. causing or attended with anxiety: a careful day.
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Origin of careful

before 1000; Middle English; Old English carful, cearful. See care, -ful
Related formscare·ful·ly, adverbcare·ful·ness, nounqua·si-care·ful, adjectivequa·si-care·ful·ly, adverbul·tra·care·ful, adjectiveul·tra·care·ful·ly, adverb


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1. watchful, guarded, chary, circumspect. 2. meticulous, discerning. 3. conscientious. 4. thoughtful, concerned, solicitous, attentive, heedful, regardful.

Synonym study

1. Careful, cautious, discreet, wary imply a watchful guarding against something. Careful implies guarding against mistakes, by paying strict and close attention to details, and, often, trying to use good judgment: He was careful to distinguish between them. Cautious implies a fear of some unfavorable situation and investigation before coming to conclusions: cautious about investments. Discreet implies being prudent in speech and action and being trustworthy as a confidant: discreet in manner, in keeping secrets. Wary implies a vigilant lookout for a danger suspected or feared: wary of polite strangers. 2, 3. See painstaking.


1–4. careless.
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  1. cautious in attitude or action; prudent
  2. painstaking in one's work; thoroughhe wrote very careful script
  3. (usually postpositive; foll by of, in, or about) solicitous; protectivecareful of one's reputation
  4. archaic full of care; anxious
  5. British mean or miserly
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Derived Formscarefully, adverbcarefulness, noun
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Word Origin and History for carefully


Old English carful-lice; see careful + -ly (2).

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Old English cearful "mournful, sad," also "full of care or woe; anxious; full of concern" (for someone or something), thus "applying attention, painstaking, circumspect;" from care (n.) + -ful.

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