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[ee-oh-lee-uh n]
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  1. pertaining to Aeolus, or to the winds in general.
  2. (usually lowercase) of or caused by the wind; wind-blown.
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Origin of Aeolian1

1595–1605; Aeoli(us) pertaining to Aeolus + -an -an


or E·o·li·an

[ee-oh-lee-uh n]
  1. Also Aeolic. belonging to a nation of people in ancient Greece named after Aeolus, its legendary founder.
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  1. a member of one of the four main divisions of the prehistoric Greeks.Compare Achaean(def 5), Dorian1(def 2), Ionian(def 3).
  2. Aeolic(def 1).
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Origin of Aeolian2

1580–90; < Latin Aeoli(ī) (< Greek Aioleîs the Aeolians, with change of suffix) + -an
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Examples from the Web for aeolian

Historical Examples

  • It was the most AEolian thing ever caught from a night-breeze by the soul of a poet.

    Diana of the Crossways, Complete

    George Meredith

  • He's just a sort of AEolian harp that sings to the temper of the wind.

    Touch and Go

    D. H. Lawrence

  • The threefold division into Dorian, Aeolian and Ionian must also be arbitrary.

  • It sounded as if the evening breeze were stirring Aeolian harps.

    Citizen Bird

    Mabel Osgood Wright and Elliott Coues

  • We owe to him the earliest counting-machine, and it was he who perfected the Aeolian harp, the speaking tube, and the microscope.

    The Jesuits, 1534-1921

    Thomas J. Campbell

British Dictionary definitions for aeolian


  1. of or relating to the wind; produced or carried by the wind
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Word Origin

C18: from Aeolus, god of the winds



  1. a member of a Hellenic people who settled in Thessaly and Boeotia and colonized Lesbos and parts of the Aegean coast of Asia Minor
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  1. of or relating to this people or their dialect of Ancient Greek; Aeolic
  2. of or relating to Aeolus
  3. denoting or relating to an authentic mode represented by the ascending natural diatonic scale from A to A: the basis of the modern minor keySee also Hypo-
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Word Origin and History for aeolian



c.1600, "of the wind," from Latin Æolus "god of the winds," from Greek Aiolos, from aiolos "quickly moving." Æolian harp first recorded 1791. The ancient district of Aiolis in Asia Minor was said to have been named for the wind god, hence Æolian also refers to one branch of the ancient Greek people.

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aeolian in Science


  1. See eolian.
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  1. Relating to, caused by, or carried by the wind. Loess is an eolian deposit.
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