[ ahy-oh-nee-uhn ]
/ aɪˈoʊ ni ən /
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of or relating to Ionia.
of or relating to the branch of the Greek people named from Ion, their legendary founder.
a member of one of the four main divisions of the prehistoric Greeks who invaded the Greek mainland and, after the Dorian invasions, emigrated to the Aegean islands and the coast of Asia Minor.Compare Achaean (def. 5), Aeolian2 (def. 3), Dorian1 (def. 2).
an Ionian Greek.
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Origin of Ionian

First recorded in 1555–65; Ioni(a) + -an
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British Dictionary definitions for Ionian

/ (aɪˈəʊnɪən) /

a member of a Hellenic people who settled in Attica in about 1100 bc and later colonized the islands and E coast of the Aegean Sea
of or relating to this people or their dialect of Ancient Greek; Ionic
of or relating to Ionia
music relating to or denoting an authentic mode represented by the ascending natural diatonic scale from C to C and forming the basis of the modern major keySee also Hypo-
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