[ verb uh-glom-uh-reyt; adjective, noun uh-glom-er-it, -uh-reyt ]
/ verb əˈglɒm əˌreɪt; adjective, noun əˈglɒm ər ɪt, -əˌreɪt /

verb (used with or without object), ag·glom·er·at·ed, ag·glom·er·at·ing.

to collect or gather into a cluster or mass.


gathered together into a cluster or mass.
Botany. crowded into a dense cluster, but not cohering.


a mass of things clustered together.
rock composed of rounded or angular volcanic fragments.

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Origin of agglomerate

1675–85; < Latin agglomerātus (past participle of agglomerāre), equivalent to ag- ag- + glomer- (stem of glomus ball of yarn) + -ātus -ate1

Related formsag·glom·er·a·tive [uh-glom-uh-rey-tiv, -er-uh-tiv] /əˈglɒm əˌreɪ tɪv, -ər ə tɪv/, adjectiveag·glom·er·a·tor, nounnon·ag·glom·er·a·tive, adjectiveun·ag·glom·er·a·tive, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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verb (əˈɡlɒməˌreɪt)

to form or be formed into a mass or cluster; collect

noun (əˈɡlɒmərɪt, -ˌreɪt)

a confused mass
a rock consisting of angular fragments of volcanic lavaCompare conglomerate (def. 2)

adjective (əˈɡlɒmərɪt, -ˌreɪt)

formed into a mass
Derived Formsagglomeration, nounagglomerative, adjective

Word Origin for agglomerate

C17: from Latin agglomerāre, from glomerāre to wind into a ball, from glomus ball, mass

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Word Origin and History for agglomerate



1680s, from Latin agglomeratus, past participle of agglomerare "to wind or add onto a ball," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + glomerare "wind up in a ball," from glomus (genitive glomeris) "ball of yarn," from PIE root *glem-. Related: Agglomerated; agglomerating.

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