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[ air-ing ]


  1. an exposure to the air, as for drying.
  2. a public discussion or disclosure, as of ideas, proposals, or facts.
  3. a walk, drive, exercise period, etc., in the open air, especially to promote health.
  4. the act of broadcasting on radio or television:

    The new comedy program will have its first airing this Friday night.


/ ˈɛərɪŋ /


    1. exposure to air or warmth, as for drying or ventilation
    2. ( as modifier )

      airing cupboard

  1. an excursion in the open air
  2. exposure to public debate

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Word History and Origins

Origin of airing1

First recorded in 1600–10; air 1 + -ing 1
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Example Sentences

TV streams typically lag behind the linear broadcasts, and while CBS tried to reduce this latency for the Super Bowl, the game’s stream was typically 44 seconds behind the linear TV airing, according to streaming technology provider Phenix.

From Digiday

Season 3 completed airing in 2019, with each of the first three installments featuring Lee Ha-Na as Kang.

From Time

The game’s airing signals that China has rekindled its relationship with the franchise now that the team no longer employs former general manager Daryl Morey.

From Fortune

As The Wall Street Journal reported, rescheduled games are pushing networks like NBCUniversal to lower ad prices to make up for the likely lower viewership of the new airing.

From Digiday

He argued that the case deserves a full airing and that the Supreme Court is the appropriate venue, given its role of resolving disputes among the states.

When MTV first started airing The Real World, it was meant to expose the brutal truth about human nature.

Four years later, Bush would be aided by the airing of a video by Osama bin Laden, which dropped just before Election Day.

Weeks before the election, TV stations in Green Bay started airing an ad paid for by the WMC.

I followed her on Twitter, like the rest of the world, and Eastbound & Down was airing at the time.

A CNN ‘Death Row Stories’ documentary airing Sunday asks: Can American voters put a stop to our need for vengeance?

We talk of Russia and I find no embarrassment in airing my views, but I soon find myself merely the questioner.

I was giving my baby an airing in the garden when a call from the maid-of-all-work sent me hurrying into the backyard.

She informed me that her husband had gone out in a yacht, and I said it was a pity he didn't take her with him for the airing.

After a time I became accustomed to it, and thought nothing of taking an airing on the royal-yard after breakfast.

Nurses are out in the gondola with babies for an airing, and to pass away the sunny hours on the waters.





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