[ awl-thoh ]
/ ɔlˈðoʊ /
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in spite of the fact that; even though; though.


notwithstanding (that), even if, albeit (that).



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“Was” is used for the indicative past tense of “to be,” and “were” is only used for the subjunctive past tense.

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Origin of although

1275–1325; Middle English al thoghall (adv.) even + though
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What is a basic definition of although?

Although is a conjunction that means in spite of the fact that or even though.

Although is used to connect phrases, clauses, or sentences. Generally, although is used to contrast facts, to say that something is true even if it seems to disagree with other information, or to connect statements that have different moods or express different feelings.

Used in a sentence:

  • I didn’t win the game, although I tried as hard as I could.
  • She says red is her favorite color, although she always wears green.
  • Although he rarely shows it, Tony loves his son.

Where does although come from?

The first records of although come from around 1275. It comes from the Middle English al thogh and is a combination of all and though.

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What are some synonyms for although?

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How is although used in real life?

Although is a commonly used conjunction that connects contrasting facts or statements that appear to conflict with each other.

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Is although used correctly in the following sentence?

Although the shirt looks ugly, it is made with very expensive material.

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British Dictionary definitions for although

/ (ɔːlˈðəʊ) /


(subordinating) despite the fact that; even thoughalthough she was ill, she worked hard
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