[ an-uh-mey-lee-uh, -meyl-yuh ]
/ ˌæn əˈmeɪ li ə, -ˈmeɪl yə /
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noun (used with a singular or plural verb)Biology.
the taxonomic kingdom comprising all animals, including humans.
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Origin of Animalia

First recorded in 1800–05; from New Latin, Latin: plural of animal “living being, animal, beast,” see origin at animal
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What is Animalia?

Animalia is the scientific grouping that includes all animals.

Scientists, historians, and others classify similar things together, using a taxonomy, in order to study them and describe them. In biology, the top category is the domain, followed by the kingdom, phylum, class, and several other categories. Animalia is the kingdom that contains all animals, including humans.

Example: Mammals are among the dominant members of the Animalia kingdom.

Where does Animalia come from?

The first records of the term Animalia being used in English come from around 1800. It is the plural of the Latin term animal, meaning “living being, animal, or beast.” The sciences often use Latin terms for the names of things.

Animalia is a kingdom within the Eukaryota domain. Eukaryota kingdoms also include Plantae (for plants), Fungi (for mushrooms and other fungi), and Protista (for protists, a type of one-celled organism). All members of the Eukaryota domain, including those in the Animalia kingdom, have cells that contain specific organelles and certain types of chromosomes. Animalia includes almost all life that is not a plant, fungi, or microorganism.

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Animalia is almost always used in scientific contexts.

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Animalia is the genus that contains all animals.

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