[ an-tee-nuhp-shuhl, ‐chuhl ]
/ ˌæn tiˈnʌp ʃəl, ‐tʃəl /
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before marriage.
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Origin of antenuptial

First recorded in 1810–20; ante- + nuptial

how to pronounce antenuptial

See nuptial.
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What does antenuptial mean?

Antenuptial means before marriage.

The word prenuptial means the same thing and is much more commonly used. Prenuptial is especially used in the term prenuptial agreement, which refers to a legal contract entered into by a couple before marriage that specifies things like the division of their finances and assets, especially in case the marriage ends, such as through divorce. Prenuptial agreements are far more commonly referred to with the informal term prenup.

The terms antenuptial agreement and antenuptial marriage contract mean the same thing as prenuptial agreement, but they are much less commonly used. The word antenuptial is sometimes used as a noun to refer to such contracts.

Example: Everyone thought it was strange that we had an antenuptial agreement, but life is unpredictable.

Where does antenuptial come from?

The first records of the word antenuptial come from the 1600s. It is composed of the prefix ante-, meaning “before,” and the word nuptial, meaning “of or relating to marriage.” The prefix pre- in the synonym prenuptial also means “before,” making its meaning identical to antenuptial.

Every antenuptial agreement is different based on what the couple wants it to include. Most prenups cover things like which member of the couple is entitled to certain portions of property, inheritance, and savings, or which member is responsible for certain things, such as debt.

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What are some synonyms for antenuptial?

  • prenuptial (when antenuptial is used as an adjective)
  • prenup (when antenuptial is used as a noun)

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How is antenuptial used in real life?

Antenuptial means the same thing as prenuptial, which is much more commonly used.


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The word antenuptial is used to describe things as happening or being created at what time in relation to marriage?

A. before marriage
B. during marriage
C. after marriage
D. all of the above

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