[ uh-pof-uh-sis ]
/ əˈpɒf ə sɪs /

noun, plural a·poph·y·ses [uh-pof-uh-seez] /əˈpɒf əˌsiz/.

Anatomy, Botany. an outgrowth; process; projection or protuberance.
Architecture. apophyge.


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Origin of apophysis

1605–15; < New Latin < Greek: offshoot, equivalent to apo- apo- + phýsis growth, equivalent to phý(ein) to bring forth + -sis -sis


a·poph·y·sate [uh-pof-uh-sit, -seyt] /əˈpɒf ə sɪt, -ˌseɪt/, adjectiveap·o·phys·e·al, ap·o·phys·i·al [ap-uh-fiz-ee-uh l, uh-pof-uh-see-uh l] /ˌæp əˈfɪz i əl, əˌpɒf əˈsi əl/, a·poph·y·sar·y [uh-pof-uh-ser-ee] /əˈpɒf əˌsɛr i/, adjectivein·ter·ap·o·phys·e·al, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for apophysis

/ (əˈpɒfɪsɪs) /

noun plural -ses (-ˌsiːz)

a process, outgrowth, or swelling from part of an animal or plant
geology a tapering offshoot from a larger igneous intrusive mass

Derived forms of apophysis

apophysate (əˈpɒfɪsɪt, -seɪt), adjectiveapophysial (ˌæpəˈfɪzɪəl), adjective

Word Origin for apophysis

C17: via New Latin from Greek apophusis a sideshoot, from apo- + phusis growth
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Medical definitions for apophysis

[ ə-pŏfĭ-sĭs ]

n. pl. a•poph•y•ses (-sēz′)

An outgrowth or projection of an organ or part, especially an outgrowth from a bone that lacks an independent center of ossification.

Other words from apophysis

ap′o•physi•al (ăp′ə-fĭzē-əl) null adj.
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