[ ak-wuh, ah-kwuh ]
/ ˈæk wə, ˈɑ kwə /
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noun, plural aq·uae [ak-wee, ah-kwee], /ˈæk wi, ˈɑ kwi/, aq·uas.
Chiefly Pharmacology.
  1. water.
  2. a liquid.
  3. a solution, especially in water.
a light greenish-blue color.
having the color aqua.
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Origin of aqua

1350–1400; Middle English <Latin: water

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variant of aqui-.

Origin of aqua-

Probably originally attributive use of aqua, or generalized from words in which it is etymologically the head noun of a phrase, as aquamarine, aquatint
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What does aqua- mean?

Aqua– is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “water.” It is occasionally used in a variety of scientific and technical terms.

Aquia comes from Latin aqua, meaning “water.” The Greek translation is ​​​​hýdōr, meaning “water,” which is the source of such combining forms as hydro.

What are variants of aqua-?

In some terms, aqua– becomes aqui-, as in aquifer, from French aquifère. Want to know more? Read our Words That Use article on aqui.

Examples of aqua-

One example of a term that features the form aqua– is aquanaut, “an undersea explorer.”

Aqua– means “water,” as we have seen. The –naut part of the word roughly means “sailor” or “pilot,” from Greek –naútēs. Aquanaut literally translates to “water pilot.”

What are some words that use the combining form aqua-?

What are some other forms that aqua– may be commonly confused with?

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Given the meaning of aqua-, what is an aquafarm?

How to use aqua in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for aqua

/ (ˈækwə) /

noun plural aquae (ˈækwiː) or aquas
water: used in compound names of certain liquid substances (as in aqua regia) or solutions of substances in water (as in aqua ammoniae), esp in the names of pharmacological solutions

Word Origin for aqua

Latin: water
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