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a combining form meaning “water,” used in the formation of compound words: aquiclude; aquiculture; aquifer.
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On the farm, the feed for chicks is significantly different from the roosters’; ______ not even comparable.
Also aqua-.

Origin of aqui-

<Latin, combining form of aqua water
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What does aqui- mean?

Aqui– is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “water.” It is very occasionally used in scientific and technical terms.

Aqui– comes from Latin aqua, meaning “water.” The Greek translation is ​​​​hýdōr, meaning “water,” which is the source of such combining forms as hydro.

What are variants of aqui-?

In some terms, aqui– becomes aqua, as in aquafarm. Want to know more? Read our Words That Use article for aqua-.

Examples of aqui-

A technical term that features the form aqui– is aquiculture, also known as hydroponics or aquaculture, “the cultivation of plants by placing the roots in liquid nutrient solutions rather than soil.”

The aqui– part of the word means “water,” as we already know. The culture part of the word is an abbreviation of agriculture, “the science of raising crops.” Agriculture literally translates to “water agriculture.”

What are some words that use the combining form aqui-?

What are some other forms that aqui– may be commonly confused with?

Not every word that begins with the exact letters aqui-, such as aquiver or aquiline, is necessarily using the combining form aqui– to denote “water.” Learn why aquiline means “hooked” at our entry for the word.

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The combining form ferous means “conveying” or “bearing.” With this in mind, what does aquiferous mean?

How to use aqui- in a sentence