[ a-truh-fee ]
/ 藞忙 tr蓹 fi /
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Also a路tro路phi路a [uh-troh-fee-uh]. /蓹藞tro蕣 fi 蓹/. Pathology. a wasting away of the body or of an organ or part, as from defective nutrition or nerve damage.
degeneration, decline, or decrease, as from disuse: He argued that there was a progressive atrophy of freedom and independence of thought.
verb (used with or without object), at路ro路phied, at路ro路phy路ing.
to affect with or undergo atrophy.
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Origin of atrophy

1590鈥1600; earlier atrophie (<Middle French ) <Late Latin atrophia<Greek, equivalent to 谩troph(os) not fed (see a-6, tropho-) + -ia-ia


a路troph路ic [uh-trof-ik, uh-troh-fik], /蓹藞tr蓲f 瑟k, 蓹藞tro蕣 f瑟k/, adjectivenon路a路troph路ic, adjective
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How to use atrophy in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for atrophy

/ (藞忙tr蓹f瑟) /

noun plural -phies
a wasting away of an organ or part, or a failure to grow to normal size as the result of disease, faulty nutrition, etc
any degeneration or diminution, esp through lack of use
verb -phies, -phying or -phied
to waste away or cause to waste away

Derived forms of atrophy

atrophic (蓹藞tr蓲f瑟k), adjective

Word Origin for atrophy

C17: from Late Latin atrophia, from Greek, from atrophos ill-fed, from a- 1 + -trophos from trephein to feed
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Scientific definitions for atrophy

[ 膬tr蓹-f膿 ]

A wasting or decrease in the size of an organ or tissue, as from death and reabsorption of cells, diminished proliferation of cells, pressure, lack of oxygen, malnutrition, decreased function, or hormonal changes.
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Cultural definitions for atrophy

[ (at-ruh-fee) ]

The wasting away or decrease in size of an organ or tissue in the body. When a body part is affected by paralysis, the muscles may atrophy through lack of use.

notes for atrophy

The term is also used in a more general way to refer to a wasting process: 鈥淪ince he stopped playing, his piano skills have atrophied.鈥
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