[ bas-uh-ler-ee, buh-sil-uh-ree ]

  1. Also ba·cil·li·form [buh-sil-uh-fawrm]. /bəˈsɪl əˌfɔrm/. of or like a bacillus; rod-shaped.

  2. Bacteriology. characterized by bacilli.

Origin of bacillary

First recorded in 1880–85; bacill- + -ary
  • Also ba·cil·lar [buh-sil-er, bas-uh-ler]. /bəˈsɪl ər, ˈbæs ə lər/.

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How to use bacillary in a sentence

  • Tuberculous disease of joints results from bacillary infection through the arteries.

    Manual of Surgery | Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles
  • Through the summer and autumn many cases of diarrhœa and of both amœbic and bacillary dysentery made their appearance.

  • It was mainly what is called bacillary dysentery, for which Epsom salts is one of the best remedies.

    In Mesopotamia | Martin Swayne
  • Next Purkinje's figures, or shadows cast by the blood-vessels of the middle layer upon the bacillary layer of the retina.

  • Next is the bacillary layer which lines about five-sixths of the interior surface of the eye.

    Visual Illusions | Matthew Luckiesh

British Dictionary definitions for bacillary


bacillar (bəˈsɪlə)

/ (bəˈsɪlərɪ) /

  1. of, relating to, or caused by bacilli

  2. Also: bacilliform (bəˈsɪlɪˌfɔːm) shaped like a short rod

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