[ bahr ]
/ bɑr /


verb (used with object), barred, bar·ring.


except; omitting; but: bar none.

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    at bar, Law.
    1. before the court and being tried: a case at bar.
    2. before all the judges of a court: a trial at bar.
    behind bars, in jail: We wanted the criminal behind bars.

Origin of bar

1175–1225; Middle English barre < Old French < Vulgar Latin *barra rod, of obscure, perhaps of pre-Latin orig.

Related formsbar·less, adjectivebar·ra·ble, adjectiveun·bar·ra·ble, adjective

Synonym study

6. Bar, barrier, barricade mean something put in the way of advance. Bar has the general meaning of hindrance or obstruction: a bar across the doorway. Barrier suggests an impediment to progress or a defensive obstruction (natural or artificial): a trade barrier; a mountain barrier; a road barrier. A barricade is especially a pile of articles hastily gathered or a rude earthwork for protection in street fighting: a barricade of wooden boxes. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for barless


abbreviation for

Browning Automatic Rifle


/ (bɑː) /

noun the Bar

(in England and elsewhere) barristers collectively
US the legal profession collectively
be called to the Bar British to become a barrister
be called within the Bar British to be appointed as a Queen's Counsel


/ (bɑː) /


verb bars, barring or barred (tr)


except forthe best recital bar last night's
bar none without exception

Word Origin for bar

C12: from Old French barre, from Vulgar Latin barra (unattested) bar, rod, of unknown origin


/ (bɑː) /


a cgs unit of pressure equal to 10 6 dynes per square centimetre. 1 bar is equivalent to 10 5 newtons per square metre

Word Origin for bar

C20: from Greek baros weight


/ (bɑː) Southwest English dialect /


immunity from being caught or otherwise penalized in a game


a cry for such immunity

Word Origin for bar

variant of barley ²

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Medicine definitions for barless


[ bär ]


The international unit of pressure equal to 1 megadyne (106 dyne) per square centimeter or 0.987 atmosphere.
A metal segment of greater length than width which serves to connect two or more parts of a removable partial denture.
A segment of tissue or a tight cellular junction that serves to constrict the passage of fluid, usually urine.

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Science definitions for barless


[ bär ]

A unit used to measure atmospheric pressure. It is equal to a force of 100,000 newtons per square meter of surface area, or 0.987 atmosphere.
An elongated, offshore ridge of sand, gravel, or other unconsolidated sediment, formed by the action of waves or long-shore currents and submerged at least during high tide. Bars are especially common near the mouths of rivers or estuaries.
A ridgelike mound of sand, gravel or silt formed within a stream, along its banks, or at its mouth. Bars form where the stream's current slows down, causing sediment to be deposited.
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