[ bih-fawr, -fohr ]
/ bɪˈfɔr, -ˈfoʊr /




previous to the time when: Send the telegram before we go.
sooner than; rather than: I will die before I submit.

Origin of before

before 1000; Middle English beforen, Old English beforan, equivalent to be by1 + foran before (fore fore1 + -an adv. suffix) Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (bɪˈfɔː) /

conjunction (subordinating)

earlier than the time when
rather thanhe'll resign before he agrees to it



at an earlier time; previously; beforehand; in front

Word Origin for before

Old English beforan; related to Old Frisian befara, Old High German bifora
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Word Origin and History for before


adv., prep.

Old English beforan "before, in front of, in the presence of, in former times," from Proto-Germanic *bi- "by" + *forana "from the front," adverbial derivative of *fora (see for). Cf. Old Frisian bifara, Old Saxon biforan, Old High German bifora, German bevor. Contrasting before and after in illustrations is from Hogarth (1768). Before the mast in old sailing ships denoting "common sailor," is from the place of their berths, in front of the fore-mast.

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