[ ben-uh-fits ]
/ ˈbɛn ə fɪts /
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the plural of benefit.
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What does benefits mean?

Benefits are things that are good or advantages, as in One of the benefits of owning a bookstore is I always have something to read.

Benefits also refer to items companies give employees beyond payment for work, such as paid vacation time, a pension plan, and discounts on gym memberships.

Governments also offer its citizens benefits, usually in the form of money for specific situations or needs. You might receive unemployment benefits when you’re out of work and can’t find a job. A disabled person can receive disability benefits when they are unable to work or to work full time.

Benefits are also public entertainment or theatrical events that raise money for charitable causes. 

Example: Free lunch is one of my company’s biggest benefits.

Where does benefits come from?

The first records of the term benefits come from the 1300s. It comes from the Latin benefactum, meaning “good deed.” Every good deed benefits someone.

In modern society, many good deeds and acts of kindness take the form of money, which may be how benefits has become associated with monetary help. This may have to do with the costs-and-benefits mindset that so many people have, but this isn’t always a bad thing. If the benefits have helped the people they were created for, they have done their job.

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How is benefits used in real life?

As mentioned earlier, benefits will often be discussed in a formal, business sense, but can also be talked about casually, as it really defines any improvement to one’s life, not just work or health related ones.


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One of the benefits of my new job is four weeks of paid vacation.

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