[blangk; French blahn]
noun, plural blancs [blangks; French blahn] /blæŋks; French blɑ̃/.
  1. a silver coin of France of the 14th–18th centuries, debased in later years.
  2. an Anglo-Gallic copy of this coin, issued by Henry VI.
  3. French Cookery. a liquid for poaching meat, fish, or vegetables, often containing wine, herbs, and vegetables; court-bouillon.

Origin of blanc

< French, Old French: white; see blank


[blahn for 1, 3; blangk for 2]
  1. Jean Jo·seph Charles Louis [zhahn zhaw-zef sharl lwee] /ʒɑ̃ ʒɔˈzɛf ʃarl lwi/, 1811–82, French socialist and historian.
  2. Mel(vin Jerome),1908–1989, U.S. voice actor for cartoon characters, as Woody Woodpecker and Daffy Duck, in films.
  3. Mont. Mont Blanc.

à blanc

[ah blahngk; French a blahn]French Cookery.
  1. blanched.
  1. without browning.

Origin of à blanc

< French: literally, until white Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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  1. Mont Blanc See Mont Blanc
  2. Cape Blanc a headland in N Tunisia: the northernmost point of Africa
  3. Cape Blanc or Cape Blanco (ˈblæŋkəʊ) a peninsula in Mauritania, on the Atlantic coast


  1. (Jean Joseph Charles) Louis (lwi). 1811–82, French socialist and historian: author of L'Organisation du travail (1840), in which he advocated the establishment of cooperative workshops subsidized by the state
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