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[ bluh-mahnj, -mahnzh ]
/ bləˈmɑndʒ, -ˈmɑ̃ʒ /


a sweet pudding prepared with almond milk and gelatin and flavored with rum or kirsch.
a sweet, white pudding made with milk and cornstarch and flavored with vanilla.

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Origin of blancmange

1350–1400; apocopated variant of Middle English blancmanger < Middle French: literally, white eating. See blank, manger Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (bləˈmɒnʒ) /


a jelly-like dessert, stiffened usually with cornflour and set in a mould

Word Origin for blancmange

C14: from Old French blanc manger, literally: white food
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Word Origin and History for blancmange



late 14c., from Old French blancmengier (13c.), literally "white eating," originally a dish of fowl minced with cream, rice, almonds, sugar, eggs, etc.; from blanc "white" (also used in Old French of white foods, e.g. eggs, cream, also white meats such as veal and chicken; see blank (adj.)) + mangier "to eat" (see manger).

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