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[ bomd ]


, Slang.
  1. completely intoxicated; drunk.
  2. completely under the influence of drugs; high.


/ bɒmd /


  1. slang.
    under the influence of alcohol or drugs (esp in the phrase bombed out of one's mind or skull )

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Other Words From

  • un·bombed adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of bombed1

First recorded in 1935–40; bomb + -ed 2

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Example Sentences

I was living there when the Atocha train station was bombed down the street some years later.

By day, she cares for her children in a bombed-out milk factory that hosts her orphanage, Okutiuka.

Whether you want your guests bombed by dish two or hour six is completely up to you.

You could however, potentially make the case that Bush bombed Yemen as well.

Baugh responded after the first attack there in 1993 and helped tow wrecked cars from the bombed garage.

Our fellows were bombed clean out of their trenches, but only fell back 30 yards and dug in.

The word was that we were to go to Vlamertinghe, where the Zeppelins had bombed us in our huts.

Our casualties were heavy and, just before dawn, a squadron of Fokkers bombed us, adding to the inferno.

I learnt that the town had been heavily bombed by hostile aircraft during the day.

On 18th September Martinsart was bombed by a hostile aeroplane, in those days a most unusual occurrence.


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About This Word

What does bombed mean?

Bombed is a slang adjective that means extremely drunk or high on drugs or both.

Bombed is just one of the many slang synonyms for intoxicated that involve a sense of destruction, including destroyed, blitzed, hammered, smashed, wasted, and trashed. Other synonyms include sloshed, tanked, and plastered. 

Such words often imply that a person is intoxicated beyond a point of being able to function in even the most basic ways. Someone who’s described as bombed probably can’t even walk or talk properly. In many cases, a person who’s bombed is intoxicated to the point of blacking out—losing consciousness and probably losing their memory of what happened when they were intoxicated.

Bombed is often used in the phrases bombed out of one’s mind and bombed out of one’s skull, as in The guy was bombed out of his mind on PCP and ranting and raving at everyone. 

Example: He got so bombed that he couldn’t remember anything that happened before he woke up in his car, which he had crashed into a tree.

Where does bombed come from?

The first records of the slang use of bombed come from around the 1930s. It comes from the past tense of the word bomb, meaning to attempt to destroy something with bombs (explosives) as part of an attack.

The adjective bombed-out uses bombed in this sense. Describing something as bombed-out means it is destroyed, either by literally having been bombed or as if it had been.

Describing someone as bombed, however, just means they are extremely drunk or high or both. The phrases bombed out of one’s mind and bombed out of one’s skull especially emphasize the dramatic and harmful effects that drugs and alcohol can have on the brain, resulting in things like memory loss, slurred speech, and the inability to walk without staggering or at all.

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