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[ braw-ler ]


  1. a person who fights angrily, noisily, and roughly, often under the influence of alcohol:

    He was a scrapper and brawler, a drunk and a bully, often hauled before the justices for punching someone.

  2. a contentious or argumentative person:

    No doubt about it—this congressman is a brawler, but it appears he’s all bark and no bite.

  3. a practitioner of a style of boxing characterized by very powerful punches with little variety of technique or skilled footwork:

    Most brawlers tend to walk into range with no jabs or setups and very little head movement.

  4. any computer game of a genre that features hand-to-hand combat, often focused on a hero who is greatly outnumbered:

    Join your favorite anime heroes for an epic fight to the finish in this old-school brawler.

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Example Sentences

From it viewers of “60 Minutes” will learn that the polished, disciplined news program they see each Sunday night is — or was — a product of messy backroom brawls involving competing personalities and enormous egos with varying levels of talent.

In what felt like minutes, it turned into an all-out brawl involving scores of armed rioters.

Amid a Reddit-inspired trading brawl that has roped in Elon Musk, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ted Cruz, Elizabeth Warren, Janet Yellen, and the Federal Reserve, the stock-trading app at the center of it all is debuting its first SuperBowl ad.

From Quartz

Every fight felt like a bar brawl, which was fun much of the time, but just didn’t click as a core mechanic.

The first few rounds of the matchup were competitive, with Alvardo boxing the brawler from Siberia.

Glenn Jacobs [the bald brawler known as Kane] was very vocal about his opinions.

Happily, however, she was only a common brawler or disturber of the peace, and therefore there was no cab.

And though in no manner a brawler, a life of enterprise suited me mightily.

The brawler, whom we know as Cervantes, was expelled from the Cathedral with his companions, and order was restored.

Rover uttered a threatening howl, and pawed at the door as though desirous of inserting his teeth into the body of the brawler.

The silent house began to disturb the peace of the town more than the most drunken brawler could have done.


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