[ breyk-doun ]
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  1. a breaking down, wearing out, or sudden loss of ability to function efficiently, as of a machine.

  2. a loss of mental or physical health; collapse.: Compare nervous breakdown.

  1. an analysis or classification of something; division into parts, categories, processes, etc.

  2. Chemistry.

  3. Electricity. an electric discharge passing through faulty insulation or other material used to separate circuits or passing between electrodes in a vacuum or gas-filled tube.

  4. a noisy, lively folk dance.

Origin of breakdown

First recorded in 1825–35; noun use of verb phrase break down

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How to use breakdown in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for break down

break down

  1. (intr) to cease to function; become ineffective: communications had broken down

  2. to yield or cause to yield, esp to strong emotion or tears: she broke down in anguish

  1. (tr) to crush or destroy

  2. (intr) to have a nervous breakdown

  3. to analyse or be subjected to analysis

  4. to separate or cause to separate into simpler chemical elements; decompose

  5. (tr) NZ to saw (a large log) into planks

  6. break it down Australian and NZ informal

    • stop it

    • don't expect me to believe that; come off it

  1. an act or instance of breaking down; collapse

  1. an analysis or classification of something into its component parts: he prepared a breakdown of the report

  2. the sudden electrical discharge through an insulator or between two electrodes in a vacuum or gas discharge tube

  3. electrical engineering the sudden transition, dependent on the bias magnitude, from a high to a low dynamic resistance in a semiconductor device

  4. a lively American country dance

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Demolish, destroy, either physically or figuratively, as in The carpenters broke down the partition between the bedrooms, or The governor's speeches broke down the teachers' opposition to school reform. [Late 1300s]

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