[ bool-dohz ]
/ ˈbʊlˌdoʊz /

verb (used with object), bull·dozed, bull·doz·ing.

to clear, level, or reshape the contours of (land) by or as if by using a bulldozer: to bulldoze a building site.
to clear away by or as if by using a bulldozer: to bulldoze trees from a site.
to coerce or intimidate, as with threats.

verb (used without object), bull·dozed, bull·doz·ing.

to use a bulldozer:to clear this rubble away we may have to bulldoze.
to advance or force one's way in the manner of a bulldozer.

Origin of bulldoze

1875–80, Americanism; origin uncertain; the notion that it represents a verb use of bull dose, i.e., a dose fit for a bull, is probably without merit; defs 1, 2, 4, 5 are back formations from bulldozer in the sense “tractor”
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British Dictionary definitions for bulldoze

/ (ˈbʊlˌdəʊz) /

verb (tr)

to move, demolish, flatten, etc, with a bulldozer
informal to force; pushhe bulldozed his way through the crowd
informal to intimidate or coerce

Word Origin for bulldoze

C19: probably from bull 1 + dose
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