[ buhm-er ]
/ ˈbʌm ər /

noun Slang.

a person who bums off others.


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Origin of bummer

1850–55, Americanism; probably < German Bummler, derivative with -er -er1 of bummeln ‘to take a stroll, dawdle, loiter’ (expressive v. of uncertain origin)

Definition for bummer (2 of 3)

[ buhm-er ]
/ ˈbʌm ər /


the unpleasant aftermath of taking narcotic drugs, especially frightening hallucinations or unpleasant physical sensations.
any unpleasant or disappointing experience: That concert was a real bummer.


(used to express disappointment, frustration, or the like): Looks like we're having a test tomorrow—bummer!

Origin of bummer

1965–70; apparently bum1 (adj. sense) + -er1

Definition for bummer (3 of 3)

Origin of bum

1860–65, Americanism; perhaps shortening of or back formation from bummer1; adj. senses of unclear relation to sense “loafer” and perhaps of distinct orig.
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British Dictionary definitions for bummer (1 of 3)

/ (ˈbʌmə) /

noun slang

an unpleasant or disappointing experience
mainly US a vagrant or idler
an adverse reaction to a drug, characterized by panic or fear

British Dictionary definitions for bummer (2 of 3)

/ (bʌm) /


British slang the buttocks or anus

Word Origin for bum

C14: of uncertain origin

British Dictionary definitions for bummer (3 of 3)

/ (bʌm) informal /


verb bums, bumming or bummed


(prenominal) of poor quality; useless
wrong or inappropriatea bum note

Word Origin for bum

C19: probably shortened from earlier bummer a loafer, probably from German bummeln to loaf
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