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[ kap-er ]


  1. a person or thing that caps. cap.
  2. Also called topper. something that completes or adds to what has preceded it:

    The capper was that we didn't know each other after all.

  3. Slang. an informer, especially for gamblers.
  4. Slang. a by-bidder at an auction.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of capper1

1350–1400 (for sense “cap maker”); 1580–90 capper ( fordef 1 ); Middle English; cap 1, -er 1

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Example Sentences

If this latest spectacular season is the start of another run of contention, rather than the capper to an era that had not quite reached its conclusion, this championship might seem in retrospect to have been just as preordained as its predecessors.

I think you and I might have slightly different feelings about how her character was handled, particularly around The Big Thing, but I’ve got to say I think this was an outstanding capper for the show’s mid-season Aes Sedai interlude.

“I think people love those cats things because they want something real,” says Capper.

Capper got his start in journalism at 17, working for the local Liverpool newspaper, Visiter.

Journalist turned filmmaker Andy Capper has covered everything from warlords in Liberia to Mandingos in Tampa for VICE.

The Daily Pic: ... he would have had James Capper's tools as his hands.

Grabbing a prime-time anchor spot in exchange for cheerleading for a controversial merger would be the capper on that career.

Capper (appearing quietly from room L., and locking the door behind him).

I came to tell you, Alexander, Capper has explained all about—about the decoy!

I saw him thrust Capper outside, and close the door, and turn the key in it.

Then what, in the name of all that's wonderful, is Capper doing here?

"But, Capper—you remember me, Capper; I was your master's friend," went on the girl despairingly.


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