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[ top-er ]


  1. a person or thing that tops. tops. top.
  2. a woman's loose, usually lightweight topcoat, especially one that is knee-length or shorter.
  3. Informal. top hat.
  4. British Slang. an excellent or well-liked person or thing.


/ ˈtɒpə /


  1. an informal name for top hat
  2. a person or thing that tops
  3. informal.
    a remark that caps the one before

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Word History and Origins

Origin of topper1

First recorded in 1665–75; top 1 + -er 1
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Example Sentences

He achieved that with a steel-reinforced, insulated commercial topper and a slide-out bed rack that enabled him to reach gear easily.

Kennedy was no fan of hats, but he did like children, so he donned a silk topper for the event.

If it’s a truck topper, they might hate putting it on and taking it off their rig.

These cooling or medium-firm toppers adapt to your shape and temperature to enhance your rest.

A mattress topper is one of the most accessible ways to upgrade your bed.

The look was subtle, sweet and screamed “au natural”—even though she paid $75 for the topper.

It was more than 5,000 sales short of this week's chart-topper Need U (100%) by Duke Dumont.

Suicidal course ... changes nothing ... quasi-socialist country ... and of course, the topper: a war on capitalism.

Find out if the following lines are from “Friday,” Rihanna, Usher, Pink, or another chart topper!

The chart topper played a dance team bimbo whose heart is stolen by the cliché jock, played by Twilight's Taylor Lautner.

He was still superior, in a topper that shone like varnish and a long cape tucked most jauntily over one arm.

Waited for me and copped me on the topper as I came around the corner.

But the topper was his forcing Nan and me to sleep on the couch while he used the bed.

Me in my topper, and 'im in 'is; and the girl's—well—stylish.

The gunner's mate in charge of the magazine, whom we will call "Topper," immediately closed the hatch and stood on guard over it.





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