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[ kap-shuhn ]


  1. a title or explanation for a picture or illustration, as in a magazine, newspaper, or book.
  2. a heading or title, as of a chapter, article, or page.
  3. Movies, Television, Digital Technology.
    1. a transcription or translation of dialogue and a written description of other audio elements, as sound effects, music, or atmospheric sounds, displayed as a graphic overlay on the lower part of the screen in a television program, film, video, or video game.
    2. a title or annotation displayed as a graphic overlay on the screen in a television program, film, video, or video game, as to set the scene, name a location, or specify a time or date.
  4. Law. the heading of a legal document stating the time, place, etc., of execution or performance.

verb (used with object)

  1. to supply a caption or captions for:

    to caption a photograph.


/ ˈkæpʃən /


  1. a title, brief explanation, or comment accompanying an illustration; legend
  2. a heading, title, or headline of a chapter, article, etc
  3. graphic material, usually containing lettering, used in television presentation
  4. another name for subtitle
  5. the formal heading of a legal document stating when, where, and on what authority it was taken or made


  1. to provide with a caption or captions
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Other Words From

  • cap·tion·less adjective
  • mis·cap·tion verb (used with object)
  • sub·cap·tion noun
  • su·per·cap·tion noun
  • un·cap·tioned adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of caption1

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English capcio(u)n “seizure,” from Latin captiōn- (stem of captiō ), equivalent to capt(us) “taken” ( captive ) + -iōn- -ion
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Word History and Origins

Origin of caption1

C14 (meaning: seizure, an arrest; later, heading of a legal document): from Latin captiō a seizing, from capere to take
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Example Sentences

The publisher has also beefed up the length of captions to add context around the posts, encouraging people to read more.

From Digiday

Tap and drag the captions to move them, or double-tap them to increase or decrease their size.

The next time any app plays audio or video, you should see closed captions appear in real time.

On video streaming appsJust about every video streaming app you’ll come across will have an option for closed captions.

This means that if you want captions, you’ll have to rely on the smart AI-powered voice recognition systems built into your video-calling app of choice.

Girma sent a letter to TED, urging it to caption all the videos, but she says the response indicated disinterest.

The warning came with the caption from jamesb, “Keene was too lit last night.”

In February, he posed with Shilene George in a photo with the caption, “I have the best girlfriend in the whole world!!”

His Facebook profile has a photograph of Ford as Indiana Jones above a caption that reads, “The other me.”

The caption reads: “Israeli Air Force Kills Children In Gaza.”

The scheme is made for three years' wear and is given with the caption that the girls themselves chose.

Under this caption must be placed certain conditions that may under given circumstances be important.

Fly-away Peg, they called her, and the way she flew to school on her blue roan might easily have merited the caption.

Such objects have a distinct status, and it is the part of good sense to give them, as occupying that status, a distinct caption.

The illustrations themselves (and the book name portion of the caption) were printed correctly.


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