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[ suhb-tahyt-l ]


  1. a secondary or subordinate title of a literary work, usually of explanatory character.
  2. a repetition of the leading words in the full title of a book at the head of the first page of text.
  3. Movies, Television, Digital Technology.
    1. a translation or transcription of spoken language in a television program, film, video, or video game, as of dialogue in a foreign language or speech that is audible but may not be easily understood, displayed as a graphic overlay on the lower part of the screen.
    2. (in silent films) an intertitle or caption.

verb (used with object)

, sub·ti·tled, sub·ti·tling.
  1. to supply a subtitle or subtitles for.


/ ˈsʌbˌtaɪtəl; -ˈtɪtʃə-; sʌbˈtɪtjʊlə /


  1. an additional subordinate title given to a literary or other work
  2. Also calledcaption often plural films
    1. a written translation superimposed on a film that has foreign dialogue
    2. explanatory text on a silent film


  1. tr; usually passive to provide a subtitle for
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Derived Forms

  • subtitular, adjective
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Other Words From

  • sub·tit·u·lar [suhb-, tich, -, uh, -ler, -, tit, -y, uh, -], adjective
  • un·sub·ti·tled adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of subtitle1

First recorded in 1875–80; sub- + title
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Example Sentences

This time, the puritan robot overlords that run the Play Store briefly decided that listing support for common subtitle files is enough to get your app banned.

The developer says they "immediately filed an appeal" and today, the app is back up with the ASS subtitle listing still in the description.

The subtitle of my article on Kurt Gödel’s infamous 1931 incompleteness theorems states that the theorems “destroyed the search for a mathematical theory of everything.”

I asked Glaeser to justify each of the claims in his book’s subtitle, that cities make us richer, smarter, greener, healthier, and happier.

On the web, you can click the Options link on the subtitles list to change the appearance of the subtitle text.

He answers in the subtitle: “Probably not—and government should stop bribing people to stay there.”

The book is not, as the subtitle maternally suggests, about “Protecting the Heart of Christmas.”

Its subtitle: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America is Tearing Us Apart.

The disconnect points ironically to the subtitle of this book and the concept of liberalism.

The subtitle says it all:  How Affirmative Action Hurts Students Its Intended to Help and Why Universities Won't Admit It.

If he look more closely, he will find a subtitle, “An Old Story,” but this confuses him still more.

In his subtitle Beughem makes clear what he intended to include in the Bibliotheca bibliothecarum.

As his subtitle indicates, he has included many books that are not bibliographies.

It is pragmatism as method which is emphasized, I take it, in the subtitle, "a new name for some old ways of thinking."

The dateline of each letter, which is right justified in the original, is here presented as a subtitle to each header.


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