[ si-loh-zhuh, -zhee-uh ]

  1. any plant of the genus Celosia, having small, usually red or yellowish flowers in dense, crested or plumelike spikes.: Compare cockscomb (def. 3).

Origin of celosia

<New Latin (Linnaeus), apparently an irregular derivative of Greek kḗleos burning, from the burnt appearance of the flowers of some species; see -ia

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How to use celosia in a sentence

  • celosia cristata is the well known Cockscomb, having combs or heads of scarlet, crimson, rose and yellow.

  • If an unmodified celosia could be got, it would be well to test with the modified cockscomb.

  • As a very clear and wholly typical instance I cite the cocks-combs (celosia).

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/ (səˈləʊsɪə) /

Origin of celosia

New Latin, from Greek kēlos dry, burnt (from the appearance of the flowers of some species)

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