/ (ˈtʃəʊkɪ) /

  1. British a slang word for prison

Origin of chokey

C17: from Anglo-Indian, from Hindi caukī a shed or lockup

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How to use chokey in a sentence

  • Well now, it seems to me that we must do something pretty soon or we shall find ourselves in chokey.

    The Great Airship. | F. S. Brereton
  • Are you the chap that stole the money, and got chokey for it?

    Dead Man's Love | Tom Gallon
  • But dashed if this imported freak didn't suddenly nod with a sort of chokey snuffle and reach out her hand for mine.

    The Haunted Pajamas | Francis Perry Elliott
  • The hills around chokey, and below it are rounded, those towards the pass being more steep.

  • A pretty thing if I was to leave mine to get through all the grub by themselves, while I was sent to chokey!

    Upsidonia | Archibald Marshall