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[sim-uh-ron, -rohn, -er-uh n; sim-uh-rohn]
  1. bighorn.
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Origin of cimarron

1840–50; < American Spanish (carnero) cimarrón wild (sheep); Spanish: wild, probably equivalent to cim(a) peak, summit (< Latin cȳma spring shoots of a vegetable < Greek; see cyme) + -arrón adj. suffix; cf. maroon2


[sim-uh-ron, -rohn, -er-uh n; sim-uh-rohn]
  1. a river flowing E from NE New Mexico to the Arkansas River in Oklahoma. 600 miles (965 km) long.
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Examples from the Web for cimarron

Historical Examples

  • In one instance all but two of the women of Cimarron cast their ballots.

    The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume IV


  • The cimarron bear is avoided by the soldiers, if possible, when met by them.

  • The Cimarron flows eastward just south of the Colorado line.

  • Smith escaped to be afterwards killed on the Cimarron by the Comanches.

    The Romance of the Colorado River

    Frederick S. Dellenbaugh

  • Mr. Masterson sought to dissuade Cimarron Bill from his enterprise.

    The Sunset Trail

    Alfred Henry Lewis