noun, plural cit·ies.

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Origin of city

1175–1225; Middle English cite < Anglo-French, Old French cite(t) < Latin cīvitāt- (stem of cīvitās) citizenry, town, equivalent to cīvi(s) citizen + -tāt- -ty2

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noun plural cities

any large town or populous place
(in Britain) a large town that has received this title from the Crown: usually the seat of a bishop
(in the US) an incorporated urban centre with its own government and administration established by state charter
(in Canada) a similar urban municipality incorporated by the provincial government
an ancient Greek city-state; polis
the people of a city collectively
(modifier) in or characteristic of a citya city girl; city habits
Related formsRelated adjectives: civic, urban, municipal

Word Origin for city

C13: from Old French cité, from Latin cīvitās citizenship, state, from cīvis citizen


noun the City

short for City of London : the original settlement of London on the N bank of the Thames; a municipality governed by the Lord Mayor and Corporation. Resident pop: 7186 (2001)
the area in central London in which the United Kingdom's major financial business is transacted
the various financial institutions located in this area
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