[ klee-ner ]
/ ˈkli nər /


a person who cleans, especially one whose regular occupation is cleaning offices, buildings, equipment, etc.
an apparatus or machine for cleaning, as a vacuum cleaner.
a preparation for use in cleaning, as a detergent or chemical bleach.
the owner or operator of a dry-cleaning establishment: The cleaner said he couldn't get the spot off my coat.
Usually cleaners. a dry-cleaning establishment: My suit is at the cleaners.

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    take to the cleaners, Slang. to cause to lose all or a great deal of one's money or personal property, as through gambling or a bad investment: He got taken to the cleaners in the poker game last night.

Origin of cleaner

First recorded in 1425–75, cleaner is from the late Middle English word clener. See clean, -er1


pre·clean·er, noun

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Origin of clean

before 900; Middle English clene, Old English clǣne pure, clear, cognate with Old High German kleini (German klein small)



clean cleanse (see synonym study at the current entry)cleanliness cleanness

synonym study for clean

1. Clean, clear, pure refer to freedom from soiling, flaw, stain, or mixture. Clean refers especially to freedom from soiling: a clean shirt. Clear refers particularly to freedom from flaw or blemish: a clear pane of glass. Pure refers especially to freedom from mixture or stain: a pure metal; not diluted but pure and full strength. 35. Clean, cleanse refer to removing dirt or impurities. To clean is the general word with no implication of method or means: to clean windows, a kitchen, streets. Cleanse is especially used of thorough cleaning by chemical or other technical process; figuratively it applies to moral or spiritual purification: to cleanse parts of machinery; to cleanse one's soul of guilt. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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/ (ˈkliːnə) /


a person, device, chemical agent, etc, that removes dirt, as from clothes or carpets
(usually plural) a shop, etc that provides a dry-cleaning service
take a person to the cleaners informal to rob or defraud a person of all of his money

British Dictionary definitions for cleaner (2 of 2)

Derived forms of clean

cleanable, adjectivecleanness, noun

Word Origin for clean

Old English clǣne; related to Old Frisian klēne small, neat, Old High German kleini
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