[ klīvəs ]

n. pl. cli•vi (-vī′)

A downward-sloping surface.
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Examples from the Web for clivus

  • Sabina, once the Clivus Publicius (available for carriages), turns up the hill.

    Walks in Rome|Augustus J.C. Hare
  • The remains of the tufa wall exist on the left of the Clivus, in front of the Temple of Saturn.

    Rambles in Rome|S. Russell Forbes
  • The sun had risen high in the heavens, and crowds of people flowed in, as usual, through the Clivus Argentarius to the Forum.

    Quo Vadis|Henryk Sienkiewicz
  • After he had passed the Clivus Delphini, he ascended the Appian aqueduct on steps prepared purposely.

    Quo Vadis|Henryk Sienkiewicz