[ klohs-bahy ]
/ ˈkloʊsˈbaɪ /
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nearby; adjacent; neighboring.
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Origin of close-by

First recorded in 1620–30
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What does close-by mean?

Close-by describes someone or something that is physically near, as in The coffee shop close-by my office is always crowded, so I walk a few more blocks to get coffee.

What is considered close-by is highly subjective. For example, if most restaurants are a 15-minute drive away from you, a restaurant that is only 2 minutes away is close-by in comparison. If you usually walk at least 20 minutes to get anywhere, then a place that is only 5 minutes away is close-by.

Close-by is also used to describe something as accessible. Keeping something close-by means keeping it within reach or in the same general area. For example, you might keep your mobile phone close-by your person, such as in a purse or bag, so that you can quickly grab it.

Close-by is sometimes spelled closeby.

Example: If you need to pick up more nails, I think there’s a hardware store close-by.

Where does close-by come from?

The first records of the term close-by come from around the 1620s. It combines the term close, meaning “near,” and by, meaning “near to.” The repetition of the idea of proximity in close-by emphasizes that idea.

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What are some other forms related to close-by?

  • closeby (alternative spelling)

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How is close-by used in real life?

Close-by is a common word used to describe someone or something that is physically near.

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Which of the following is NOT a synonym of close-by?

A. nearby
B. neighboring
C. far
D. adjacent

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