[ kuhl-er-uh-too r-uh, -tyoo r-uh, kol-, kohl- ]
/ ˌkʌl ər əˈtʊər ə, -ˈtyʊər ə, ˌkɒl-, ˌkoʊl- /


runs, trills, and other florid decorations in vocal music.
a lyric soprano of high range who specializes in such music.

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Also col·or·a·ture [kuhl-er-uh-choo r] /ˈkʌl ər əˌtʃʊər/.

Origin of coloratura

1730–40; < Italian < Late Latin: literally, coloring. See color, -ate1, -ure Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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colorature (ˈkɒlərəˌtjʊə)

/ (ˌkɒlərəˈtʊərə) /

noun music

  1. (in 18th- and 19th-century arias) a florid virtuoso passage
  2. (as modifier)a coloratura aria
Also called: coloratura soprano a lyric soprano who specializes in such music

Word Origin for coloratura

C19: from obsolete Italian, literally: colouring, from Latin colōrāre to colour

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Word Origin and History for coloratura



"Ornamental passages, roulades, embellishments, etc., in vocal music" [Elson], 1740, from Italian coloratura, literally "coloring," from Late Latin coloratura, from colorare "to color," from color (see color (n.)).

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Culture definitions for coloratura


[ (kul-uhr-uh-toor-uh) ]

Elaborate ornamentation in a piece of vocal music. A coloratura soprano is one who can sing such highly ornamented parts.

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