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[ kuhm-par-uh-suhn ]


  1. the act of comparing.
  2. the state of being compared.
  3. a likening; illustration by similitude; comparative estimate or statement.
  4. Rhetoric. the considering of two things with regard to some characteristic that is common to both, as the likening of a hero to a lion in courage.
  5. capability of being compared or likened.

    Synonyms: similarity, resemblance, likeness

  6. Grammar.
    1. the function of an adverb or adjective that is used to indicate degrees of superiority or inferiority in quality, quantity, or intensity.
    2. the patterns of formation involved therein.
    3. the degrees of a particular word, displayed in a fixed order, as mild, milder, mildest, less mild, least mild.


/ kəmˈpærɪsən /


  1. the act or process of comparing
  2. the state of being compared
  3. comparable quality or qualities; likeness

    there was no comparison between them

  4. a rhetorical device involving comparison, such as a simile
  5. Also calleddegrees of comparison grammar the listing of the positive, comparative, and superlative forms of an adjective or adverb
  6. bear comparison or stand comparison
    to be sufficiently similar in class or range to be compared with (something else), esp favourably

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Other Words From

  • inter·com·pari·son noun
  • precom·pari·son noun
  • recom·pari·son noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of comparison1

First recorded in 1300–50; Middle English comparesoun, from Old French comparaison, from Latin comparātiōn-, stem of comparātiō, from comparāt(us) “placed together” (past participle of comparāre “to place together, match”; compare ) + -iō -ion

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Example Sentences

By comparison, the Biden campaign is projected to spent about $28 million this week, up from $27 million last week.

For comparison, the average American causes around 16 metric tons of emissions per year.

From Vox

At Scripps Ranch High School, by comparison, students passed 1,058 AP tests.

For comparison, Whitney examined four other tusks, from Africa’s Karoo Basin, which would not have lost sunlight during winter.

Yet even that period paled in comparison against the 1950s and 1960s.

The best comparison here for an American audience is, well, Internet stuff.

I enjoyed it, but thought it paled in comparison to their debut.

For comparison, inmates at high-security federal prisons cost about $34,000 per year on average, as of 2012.

I was quite specifically talking about the comparison between playing Heimdall on one day, and playing Mandela on the next.

But in recent days, I've found Sarah Palin an even more apt comparison.

Can there be any comparison between the educational efficiency of the two methods?

For comparison, the gas may be passed through a test-tube containing an equal amount of distilled water.

In comparison with the engines now in use, these Americans were very small ones.

This pipe has been proved by comparison to be probably quite late in the reign of Elizabeth.

Let the student continue this comparison till he attains very nearly the brevity and discrimination displayed by Mr. Killick.





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