[ kuhm-pahrt-muhnt ]
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  1. a part or space marked or partitioned off.

  2. a separate room, section, etc.: a baggage compartment.

  1. U.S. Railroads. a private bedroom with toilet facilities.

  2. a separate aspect, function, or the like: the compartments of the human mind.

  3. Architecture. a distinct major division of a design.

  4. Heraldry. a decorative base, as a grassy mound, on which the supporters of an escutcheon stand or rest.

verb (used with object)
  1. to divide into compartments.

Origin of compartment

1555–65; <Middle French compartiment<Italian compartimento.See compart, -ment

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/ (kəmˈpɑːtmənt) /

  1. one of the sections into which an area, esp an enclosed space, is divided or partitioned

  2. any separate part or section: a compartment of the mind

  1. a small storage space; locker

Origin of compartment

C16: from French compartiment, ultimately from Late Latin compartīrī to share, from Latin com- with + partīrī to apportion, from pars part

Derived forms of compartment

  • compartmental (ˌkɒmpɑːtˈmɛntəl), adjective
  • compartmentally, adverb

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