[kuh m-pet-i-tiv]
  1. of, pertaining to, involving, or decided by competition: competitive sports; a competitive examination.
  2. well suited for competition; having a feature that makes for successful competition: a competitive price.
  3. having a strong desire to compete or to succeed.
  4. useful to a competitor; giving a competitor an advantage: He was careful not to divulge competitive information about his invention.

Origin of competitive

1820–30; < Latin competīt(us) (past participle of competere; see competition) + -ive
Related formscom·pet·i·tive·ly, adverbcom·pet·i·tive·ness, nounan·ti·com·pet·i·tive, adjectivean·ti·com·pet·i·tive·ly, adverban·ti·com·pet·i·tive·ness, nounnon·com·pet·i·tive, adjectivenon·com·pet·i·tive·ly, adverbnon·com·pet·i·tive·ness, nouno·ver·com·pet·i·tive, adjectiveo·ver·com·pet·i·tive·ly, adverbo·ver·com·pet·i·tive·ness, nounpseu·do·com·pet·i·tive, adjectivepseu·do·com·pet·i·tive·ly, adverbqua·si-com·pet·i·tive, adjectivequa·si-com·pet·i·tive·ly, adverbsu·per·com·pet·i·tive, adjectiveun·com·pet·i·tive, adjectiveun·com·pet·i·tive·ly, adverbun·com·pet·i·tive·ness, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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  • Efficiency, productivity and competitiveness are the buzzwords of this phase.

    After the Rain

    Sam Vaknin

  • Some base streak of competitiveness in Mr. Britling's nature made it seem impossible that he should relinquish the lady to Oliver.

  • What motivates them are arguments of competitiveness, not national identity, political philosophy, or family pride.

  • A devalued Rouble will enhance the competitiveness of the Russian industrial and commodity production sectors.

    After the Rain

    Sam Vaknin

  • Tax policy, regulatory practices, and government programs all need constant reevaluation in terms of our competitiveness.

British Dictionary definitions for competitiveness


  1. involving or determined by rivalrycompetitive sports
  2. sufficiently low in price or high in quality to be successful against commercial rivals
  3. relating to or characterized by an urge to competea competitive personality
Derived Formscompetitively, adverbcompetitiveness, noun
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Word Origin and History for competitiveness



1826, from Latin competit-, past participle stem of competere (see compete) + -ive. Related: Competitively; competitiveness.

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