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[kuh n-sep-shuh n]
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  1. the act of conceiving; the state of being conceived.
  2. fertilization; inception of pregnancy.
  3. a notion; idea; concept: She has some odd conceptions about life.
  4. something that is conceived: That machine is the conception of a genius.
  5. origination; beginning: The organization has been beset by problems from its conception.
  6. a design; plan.
  7. a sketch of something not actually existing: an artist's conception of ancient Athens.
  8. the act or power of forming notions, ideas, or concepts.
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Origin of conception

1300–50; Middle English concepcion < Latin conceptiōn- (stem of conceptiō), equivalent to Latin concept- (see concept) + -iōn- -ion
Related formscon·cep·tion·al, adjectivecon·cep·tive, adjectivepost·con·cep·tion, adjectivere·con·cep·tion, noun
Can be confusedconcept conception inception


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3. See idea.
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Historical Examples

  • They speak to the perceptive faculties only: truth to the conceptive.

    Modern Painters Volume I (of V)

    John Ruskin

  • Intermediary sensation, demanded by conceptive thoughts, iv.

  • It is perceptive because sentient, it is conceptive because perceptive.

  • The idea is everything to them, by virtue of their conceptive faculty.

    Household Education

    Harriet Martineau

  • I have spoken of only the early stage of the activity of the conceptive faculties.

    Household Education

    Harriet Martineau

British Dictionary definitions for conceptive


  1. something conceived; notion, idea, design, or plan
  2. the description under which someone considers somethingher conception of freedom is wrong
  3. the fertilization of an ovum by a sperm in the Fallopian tube followed by implantation in the womb
  4. origin or beginningfrom its conception the plan was a failure
  5. the act or power of forming notions; invention
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Derived Formsconceptional or conceptive, adjective

Word Origin

C13: from Latin conceptiō, from concipere to conceive
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Word Origin and History for conceptive


1630s, from Latin conceptivus, from conceptus, past participle of concipere (see conceive).

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early 14c., "act of conceiving," from Old French concepcion (Modern French conception) "conception, grasp, comprehension," from Latin conceptionem (nominative conceptio) "a comprehending, conception," noun of action from stem of concipere (see conceive). Originally in the womb sense (also with reference to Conception Day in the Church calendar); mental sense "process of forming concepts" is late 14c. Meaning "that which is conceived in the mind" is from 1520s; "general notion" is from 1785.

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conceptive in Medicine


  1. The act of forming a general idea or notion.
  2. The formation of a viable zygote by the union of a spermatozoon and an ovum; fertilization.
  3. concept

conceptive in Science



conceptive in Culture


Fertilization; the union of the sperm and ovum to form a zygote. (See reproductive systems.)

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