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  1. having strong belief or full assurance; sure: confident of fulfillment.
  2. sure of oneself; having no uncertainty about one's own abilities, correctness, successfulness, etc.; self-confident; bold: a confident speaker.
  3. excessively bold; presumptuous.
  4. Obsolete. trustful or confiding.
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  1. a confidant.
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Origin of confident

1570–80; < Latin confīdent- (stem of confīdēns), present participle of confīdere. See confide, -ent
Related formscon·fi·dent·ly, adverbhy·per·con·fi·dent, adjectivehy·per·con·fi·dent·ly, adverbnon·con·fi·dent, adjectivenon·con·fi·dent·ly, adverbqua·si-con·fi·dent, adjectivequa·si-con·fi·dent·ly, adverbsu·per·con·fi·dent, adjectivesu·per·con·fi·dent·ly, adverbul·tra·con·fi·dent, adjectiveun·con·fi·dent, adjectiveun·con·fi·dent·ly, adverb
Can be confusedconfidant confidante confident

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1. certain, positive. See sure. 2. self-reliant, assured, intrepid.

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self-assured, sure, bold, positive, sanguine, hopeful, satisfied, self-reliant, fearless, upbeat, convinced, courageous, brave, dauntless, high, intrepid, presuming, presumptuous, pushy, secure

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  1. (postpositive foll by of) having or showing confidence or certainty; sureconfident of success
  2. sure of oneself; bold
  3. presumptuous; excessively bold
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Derived Formsconfidently, adverb

Word Origin for confident

C16: from Latin confīdens trusting, having self-confidence, from confīdere to have complete trust in; see confide
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Word Origin and History for confident


1570s, "self-reliant, sure of oneself," from Middle French confident, from Latin confidentem (nominative confidens) "firmly trusting, reliant, self-confident, bold, daring," present participle of confidere (see confidence). Related: Confidently.

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