[ kon-fawr-mey-shuhn ]
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  1. manner of formation; structure; form, as of a physical entity.

  2. symmetrical disposition or arrangement of parts.

  1. the act or process of conforming; adaptation; adjustment.

  2. the state of being conformed.

  3. Chemistry. an atomic spatial arrangement that results from rotation of carbon atoms about single bonds within an organic molecule. (contrasted with configuration).

Origin of conformation

1505–15; <Latin confōrmātiōn- (stem of confōrmātiō), equivalent to confōrmāt(us) past participle of confōrmāre to shape (con-con- + fōrm(a) form + -āt(us) -ate1) + -iōn--ion

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  • con·for·ma·tion·al, adjective

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/ (ˌkɒnfɔːˈmeɪʃən) /

  1. the general shape or outline of an object; configuration

  2. the arrangement of the parts of an object

  1. the act or state of conforming

  2. chem

    • another name for configuration (def. 3a)

    • one of the configurations of a molecule that can easily change its shape and can consequently exist in equilibrium with molecules of different configuration

Derived forms of conformation

  • conformational, adjective

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