[ kuh n-juhngk-tiv ]
/ kənˈdʒʌŋk tɪv /


serving to connect; connective: conjunctive tissue.
conjoined; joint: a conjunctive action.
  1. (of a mode) subjunctive.
  2. (of a pronoun) conjunct.
  3. of the nature of a conjunction.
  4. (of an adverb) serving to connect two clauses or sentences, as however or furthermore.
Logic. characterizing propositions that are conjunctions.


Grammar. a conjunctive word; a conjunction.

Origin of conjunctive

1400–50; late Middle English conjunctif < Late Latin conjunctīvus. See conjunct, -ive

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/ (kənˈdʒʌŋktɪv) /


joining; connective
of or relating to conjunctions or their use
logic relating to, characterized by, or containing a conjunction


a less common word for conjunction (def. 3)

Derived Forms

conjunctively, adverb

Word Origin for conjunctive

C15: from Late Latin conjunctīvus, from Latin conjungere to conjoin
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