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[adjective kuh n-juhngkt, kon-juhngkt; noun kon-juhngkt]
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  1. bound in close association; conjoined; combined; united: conjunct ideas; conjunct influences.
  2. formed by conjunction.
  3. Grammar.
    1. occurring only in combination with an immediately preceding or following form of a particular class, and constituting with this form a single phonetic unit, as 'll in English he'll, and n't in isn't.
    2. (of a pronoun) having enclitic or proclitic form and occurring with a verb, as French me, le, se.
    3. pertaining to a word so characterized.
  4. Music. progressing melodically by intervals of a second: conjunct motion of an ascending scale.
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  1. Logic. either of the propositions in a conjunction.
  2. Grammar. a conjunctive adverb.
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Origin of conjunct

1425–75; late Middle English (past participle) < Latin conjunctus joined, connected (past participle of conjungere to join together), equivalent to con- con- + junc- (variant stem of jungere to join) + -tus past participle suffix
Related formscon·junct·ly, adverb
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collective, concerted, cooperative, bilateral, reciprocal, urban, mutual, civic, civil, national, communal, governmental, social, popular, universal, prevalent, accepted, prevailing, public, united

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  1. joined; united
  2. music relating to or denoting two adjacent degrees of a scale
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  1. logic one of the propositions or formulas in a conjunction
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Derived Formsconjunctly, adverb

Word Origin for conjunct

C15: from Latin conjunctus, from conjugere to unite; see conjoin
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Word Origin and History for conjunct


mid-15c., from Latin coniunctus, past participle of coniugare (see conjugal). A doublet of conjoint.

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