[ kuhn-sent ]
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verb (used without object)
  1. to permit, approve, or agree; comply or yield (often followed by to or an infinitive): He consented to the proposal. We asked her permission, and she consented.

  2. Archaic. to agree in sentiment, opinion, etc.; be in harmony.

  1. permission, approval, or agreement; sanction; acquiescence: He gave his consent to the marriage.

  2. agreement in sentiment, opinion, a course of action, etc.: By common consent he was appointed official delegate.

  1. Archaic. accord; concord; harmony.

Origin of consent

First recorded in 1175–1225; Middle English verb consenten, concenten, from Anglo-French, Old French consentir, from Latin consentīre “to join or share a feeling; concur”; noun derivative of the verb;see consensus

synonym study For consent

1. See agree.

Other words for consent

Other words from consent

  • con·sent·er, noun
  • con·sent·ing·ly, adverb
  • non·con·sent, noun
  • non·con·sent·ing, adjective, noun
  • pre·con·sent, noun, verb (used without object)
  • re·con·sent, verb (used without object)
  • un·con·sent·ing, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for consent


/ (kənˈsɛnt) /

  1. to give assent or permission (to do something); agree; accede

  2. (intr) obsolete to be in accord; agree in opinion, feelings, etc

  1. acquiescence to or acceptance of something done or planned by another; permission

  2. accordance or harmony in opinion; agreement (esp in the phrase with one consent)

  1. age of consent the lowest age at which the law recognizes the right of a person to consent to sexual intercourse

Origin of consent

C13: from Old French consentir, from Latin consentīre to feel together, agree, from sentīre to feel

Derived forms of consent

  • consenter, noun
  • consenting, adjective

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