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[ kuhm-plahy-uhns ]


  1. the act of conforming, acquiescing, or yielding.
  2. a tendency to yield readily to others, especially in a weak and subservient way.
  3. conformity; accordance:

    in compliance with orders.

  4. cooperation or obedience:

    Compliance with the law is expected of all.

  5. Physics.
    1. the strain of an elastic body expressed as a function of the force producing the strain.
    2. a coefficient expressing the responsiveness of a mechanical system to a periodic force.


/ kəmˈplaɪəns /


  1. the act of complying; acquiescence
  2. a disposition to yield to or comply with others
  3. a measure of the ability of a mechanical system to respond to an applied vibrating force, expressed as the reciprocal of the system's stiffness C

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Other Words From

  • over·com·pliance noun
  • precom·pliance noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of compliance1

First recorded in 1635–45; comply + -ance

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Example Sentences

The Police has failed to implement sufficient organisational measures to ensure and be able to demonstrate that the processing of personal data in this case has been carried out in compliance with the Criminal Data Act.

However, Mastercard says that it's only going to support cryptocurrencies that meet a number of requirements—including stability, privacy, and compliance with money laundering laws.

CEO Frida Polli told me she thought the experience could be a model for compliance with a proposed law requiring such audits for companies in New York City, where Pymetrics is based.

As we reported in Digiday recently, all eyes are on privacy law activity at the state level as industry pushes for a federal law in the hopes of simplifying compliance, and maybe overriding tougher state laws.

From Digiday

Norwood Borough Attorney Kevin Corriston said he believed the town was in compliance, but that he was unfamiliar with the law and would investigate further.

Day by day, it drives people to distraction by diverting energy to mindless legal compliance.

Wright approved one of the wells after the operator agreed to bring it into compliance, according to the letter.

In compliance with the flight plan, the 777 was at 33,000 feet.

A. Yes, after the strikes, and we were able to gain enough compliance to get his arms back.

As expected, they reported that we were in full compliance and all our expenditures were appropriate.

It secures in many cases, at least, a ready compliance with a large part of the discipline enforced.

Mademoiselle had incontinently refused, and madame, to win her compliance, had resorted to threats.

Whereupon, unwilling and rather stern compliance on the man's part—the handsome face darkened with most unnecessary frowns.

Of general professions of loyalty the Earl was lavish enough, but when it came to material guarantees there was less compliance.

Did he feel the revolt in my tone and understand then as well as afterward what the nature of my compliance had been?


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More About Compliance

What is compliance?

Compliance is the act of conforming and yielding, as with orders or laws. It is usually used in reference to written rules and regulations or spoken commands, as from police officers or a superior.

Compliance can also refer to someone’s tendency to agree, especially in a submissive way.

In physics, compliance refers to a coefficient expressing something’s responsiveness or counterforce when force is applied to it.

Related to that, compliance is also the strain of an elastic body expressed as a function of the force producing the strain. In other words, compliance describes how easy it is for something to pool or flow within parts of the body or flexible vessels.

Example: To be in full compliance with his school’s uniform policy, Tom had to get his hair cut.

Where does compliance come from?

The first records of the term compliance come from around the 1630s. It combines the term comply, meaning “to act according to wishes or demands,” and the suffix ance, which forms nouns from adjectives or verbs.

Compliance can also mean cooperation or obedience, as in The factory was found to be in full compliance with all safety regulations. Many large companies will have compliance officers, whose job is to check and change the organization’s policies to make sure they comply with government and local regulations.

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What are some other forms related to compliance?

  • overcompliance (noun)
  • precompliance (noun)

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How is compliance used in real life?

Compliance is frequently used in official documents and other formal writing.


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In compliance with the university’s new regulations, we will be replacing our food serving stations with self-serve buffets.




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