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[ kuhn-stich-oo-uhn-see ]


, plural con·stit·u·en·cies.
  1. a body of constituents; the voters or residents in a district represented by an elective officer.
  2. the district itself.
  3. any body of supporters, customers, etc.; clientele.


/ kənˈstɪtjʊənsɪ /


  1. the whole body of voters who elect one representative to a legislature or all the residents represented by one deputy
    1. a district that sends one representative to a legislature
    2. ( as modifier )

      constituency organization

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Word History and Origins

Origin of constituency1

First recorded in 1825–35; constitu(ent) + -ency
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Example Sentences

Such requirements are mandatory and meaningful, while constituency statutes are mushy.

From Fortune

While our memberships and those of the rest of the coalition represent a range of constituencies and interests, we are united in our commitment to demand a better deal for the working-class families of San Diego.

So, this is the moment now to get out there and start engaging the many different constituencies that we would want to get vaccinated that may have questions.

Multicultural consumers no longer represent sleeping-giant constituencies, as they develop and refine the framework of identities to our modern communities.

From Digiday

I think he’s lived up to promises to the coal plants and various other energy-industry constituencies to dial back environmental regulation.

Public unions have also created conflict with racial minorities, another core Democratic Party constituency.

But the settlers are a formidable constituency and felt threatened having all those Palestinians around.

As an election tactic, it was a Hail-Mary move: a half-hour address by an aging actor of no political standing or constituency.

The constituency most clamoring for executive action has already shown they expect little and will settle for nothing.

Why are right-wingers on both sides of the pond so keen to court this constituency?

Dining the eminent members of my constituency on horse-meat, under the delusion that what is good for chickens is good for votes.

We have a very conservative, fastidious, and sophisticated constituency; and this is one of the limitations by which we are bound.

Seven of these boroughs had sent reformers to parliament, and eight possessed an open constituency.

Every man did his best, and the circulation statements as published monthly indicated a widening constituency.

It might be different if you had the local backing of your constituency—the people served by the Short Line.