verb (used with object), con·trib·ut·ed, con·trib·ut·ing.
  1. to give (money, time, knowledge, assistance, etc.) to a common supply, fund, etc., as for charitable purposes.
  2. to furnish (an original written work, drawing, etc.) for publication: to contribute stories to a magazine.
verb (used without object), con·trib·ut·ed, con·trib·ut·ing.
  1. to give (money, food, etc.) to a common supply, fund, etc.: He contributes to many charities.
  2. to furnish works for publication: He contributed to many magazines.
  1. contribute to, to be an important factor in; help to cause: A sudden downpour contributed to the traffic jam.

Origin of contribute

1520–30; < Latin contribūtus past participle of contribuēre to bring together. See con-, tribute
Related formscon·trib·ut·a·ble, adjectivecon·trib·u·tive, adjectivecon·trib·u·tive·ly, adverbcon·trib·u·tive·ness, nounnon·con·trib·ut·a·ble, adjectivenon·con·trib·ut·ing, adjectivenon·con·trib·u·tive, adjectivenon·con·trib·u·tive·ly, adverbnon·con·trib·u·tive·ness, nouno·ver·con·trib·ute, verb, o·ver·con·trib·ut·ed, o·ver·con·trib·ut·ing.pre·con·trib·ute, verb (used with object), pre·con·trib·ut·ed, pre·con·trib·ut·ing.pre·con·trib·u·tive, adjectiveun·con·trib·ut·ed, adjectiveun·con·trib·ut·ing, adjectiveun·con·trib·u·tive, adjectiveun·con·trib·u·tive·ly, adverbun·con·trib·u·tive·ness, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for contributable


verb (often foll by to)
  1. to give (support, money, etc) for a common purpose or fund
  2. to supply (ideas, opinions, etc) as part of a debate or discussion
  3. (intr) to be partly instrumental (in) or responsible (for)drink contributed to the accident
  4. to write (articles) for a publication
Derived Formscontributable, adjectivecontributive, adjectivecontributively, adverbcontributiveness, noun

Word Origin for contribute

C16: from Latin contribuere to collect, from tribuere to grant, bestow
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Word Origin and History for contributable



1520s, from Latin contributus, past participle of contribuere "to bring together, add, unite, collect, contribute" (see contribution). Figurative sense is from 1630s. Related: Contributed; contributing.

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