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[ suhb-si-dahyz ]

verb (used with object)

, sub·si·dized, sub·si·diz·ing.
  1. to furnish or aid with a subsidy.
  2. to purchase the assistance of by the payment of a subsidy.
  3. to secure the cooperation of by bribery; buy over.


/ ˈsʌbsɪˌdaɪz /


  1. to aid or support with a subsidy
  2. to obtain the aid of by means of a subsidy

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Derived Forms

  • ˈsubsiˌdizer, noun
  • ˌsubsiˈdizable, adjective
  • ˌsubsidiˈzation, noun

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Other Words From

  • subsi·diza·ble adjective
  • subsi·di·zation noun
  • subsi·dizer noun
  • de·subsi·di·zation noun
  • de·subsi·dize verb (used with object) desubsidized desubsidizing
  • non·subsi·dized adjective
  • un·subsi·dized adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of subsidize1

First recorded in 1785–95; subsid(y) + -ize

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Example Sentences

Some Lifeline subscribers alternatively can use it to subsidize home Internet connections.

That’s real money to those schools, because they can use those full-price dollars to subsidize lower-income kids and try and provide some equity.

From Time

Animal agriculture is heavily subsidized by the federal government.

From Vox

They subsidized the “true” cost of delivery, making it cheap for consumers while squeezing restaurants with high fees and pocketing courier tips.

From Eater

It has also become clear that subsidizing internet access to hundreds of millions of potential users is perhaps not the most sustainable way to acquire customers.

For example, he suggests that instead of heavily subsidizing corn, the government could subsidize more ethical food producers.

The Jewish State will spend millions more to subsidize the controversial procedure this year.

Asking municipalities to subsidize his business so he can maximize his profits.

Yes, the state is unwilling to expand a government program, but it will do more to subsidize private health insurance.

He proposed using some unspent funds to subsidize flood insurance.

The home Government has refused to subsidize the emigration; hence it has been in a state of chronic feud with the colony.

Do you think that in the world we live in one can subsidize a Divinity, a first-class one, for that price?

If the end in view be the attainment of the lowest possible rates, why not subsidize the railroads directly by this same amount?

They encourage routine in others, and they also subsidize such thought and learning as are kept remote from affairs.

The inference is that we should go back to 1840, build some 1200 ton wooden paddle steamers and subsidize them.


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More About Subsidize

What does subsidize mean?

To subsidize is to grant a subsidy—a direct payment made by a government to a company or other organization as a form of assistance.

The process of subsidizing is subsidization. Governments often subsidize particular industries, such as through granting farm subsidies. The word subsidy is most commonly used to refer to such payments.

More generally, subsidy can refer to any grant or monetary contribution. More specifically, it can refer to a payment made by one government to another for a particular service, often according to a treaty.

Less commonly, the word subsidize can mean to gain someone’s cooperation through bribery.

Subsidize is sometimes spelled subsidise (especially in British English).

Example: The government is subsidizing my company to help expedite the manufacturing of healthcare products.

Where does subsidize come from?

The first records of the word subsidize come from the 1700s. It ultimately derives from the Latin subsidium, meaning “auxiliary force,” “reserve,” or “help.” The ending -ize is used to make verbs.

Governments subsidize companies in particular industries by providing companies with funding. The goal of this kind of subsidization is typically to help that industry thrive—so that it can provide jobs or otherwise stimulate economic growth. There are different kinds of subsidies, but the word is usually associated with government payments. Such payments are sometimes called government subsidies. The U.S. government subsidizes many industries, including by providing monetary assistance to fossil fuel companies and military and automobile manufacturers.

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What are some other forms related to subsidize?

  • subsidise (alternate spelling)
  • subsidizable (adjective)
  • subsidization (noun)
  • subsidizer (noun)
  • desubsidization (noun)
  • subsidy (noun)

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How is subsidize used in real life?

The word subsidize is most commonly associated with government payments to help certain industries.



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We subsidize billion-dollar corporations, but we should determine if such subsidies help everyday citizens.




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