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[ kook-er ]


  1. an appliance or utensil for cooking: cooking: cook:

    pressure cooker.

  2. a person employed in certain industrial processes, as in brewing or distilling, to operate cooking cooking cook apparatus.


/ ˈkʊkə /


  1. an apparatus, usually of metal and heated by gas, electricity, oil, or solid fuel, for cooking food; stove
  2. any large sour apple used in cooking
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Word History and Origins

Origin of cooker1

First recorded in 1880–85; cook 1 + -er 1
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Example Sentences

My favorite kitchen appliance, which I use twice a day sometimes, is my rice cooker.

From Eater

After the cooker reaches high pressure, which takes 5 to 10 minutes, cook for 35 minutes.

Slow cookers don’t normally come in sizes tailored exclusively for small amounts of food, but air fryers are available in a larger range of sizes, which makes some models suitable for cooking for one to two people.

Walk into a Mi store and you’ll encounter rice cookers, electric scooters, weighing scales, and robot vacuums—an entire ecosystem of interconnected smart devices that orbit the Xiaomi mobile phone.

From Fortune

Solo Stove’s 22-inch-wide cooker draws air in through a ring of 70 holes around its base, so it travels below smoldering coals, heats up, rises, and circulates to cook your burgers and corn.

Anova Precision Cooker is the perfect little sous-vide gadget for the budding gastronomist.

Nobody really gets out in this story, which only ups the pressure-cooker quality.

It is worth remembering that the Boston Marathon bombers armed their pressure cooker bombs with the insides of fireworks.

Maybe a sales clerk who sold the pressure cooker left female DNA on what would become a Boston bomb.

The pressure-cooker bombs are also used by insurgents in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

Paris blossomed out with what I thought was an American invention, the fireless cooker.

Henceforth the cooking operations were simplified, for previously a sledging-cooker had been used.

This is most readily done by lowering too quickly the outside cover over the rest of the cooker.

In the "Nansen Cooker," which we used, a maximum result is secured from the heat of the primus.

The bottle had stood on the top of the cooker while the meal was being prepared, but the wine was still as solid as ever.


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