[ kawr-uh-spon-duh nt, kor- ]
/ ˌkɔr əˈspɒn dənt, ˌkɒr- /


a person who communicates by letters.
a person employed by a news agency, periodical, television network, etc., to gather, report, or contribute news, articles, and the like regularly from a distant place.
a person who contributes a letter or letters to a newspaper, magazine, etc.
a person or firm that has regular business relations with another, especially at a distance.
a thing that corresponds to something else.


consistent, similar, or analogous; corresponding.

Origin of correspondent

1375–1425; late Middle English < Medieval Latin corrēspondent- (stem of corrēspondēns), present participle of corrēspondēre to correspond; see -ent

Related forms

cor·re·spond·ent·ly, adverbnon·cor·res·pond·ent, adjective, nounpre·cor·re·spond·ent, adjective

Can be confused

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/ (ˌkɒrɪˈspɒndənt) /


a person who communicates by letter or by letters
a person employed by a newspaper, etc, to report on a special subject or to send reports from a foreign country
a person or firm that has regular business relations with another, esp one in a different part of the country or abroad
something that corresponds to another


similar or analogous
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